MY FAVORITE HEARTBEAT by Randy Bonnom ©2013
Sunrise peakin' through the stained glass chases all the dark away
Cat and dogs teamin' up to get us up so we can start the day
Roll out, forget the PJ's
Naked as two children at play
Feed everybody as we gaze into each other's eyes and say:
Spirits dancing on our feet
One sound makes me feel complete
Hear it poundin' now, so sweet
You're my favorite heartbeat.
Last night's rain upon our old roof sounded like a symphony
Furnace fires up soundin' like the phone booth of Dr. Who
Cookies and fruit for a meal
Checkin' with each other to see how we feel
Dancin' in the kitchen is the morning workout that will see us through
Spirits dancin' with our feet
One sound makes me feel complete
Hear it poundin now, so sweet
You're my favorite heartbeat.
(break) We're stronger...though sometimes it's hard to tell. Each time we laugh or cry, or pray to try,
We end up together still doin' well.
We had a snow storm every single Monday right up to the first of May
But your brave little pony and our woodstove kept us groovin'...truckin' and a' groovin'!
We got all the perks of fame
Callin' each other by our secret names
People just delight in us as we bop-a-lua and we got no shame.
Spirits dancin' with our feet
One sound makes me feel (so) complete
Hear it poundin' now, (boom!) so sweet
You're my favorite heartbeat!

TWO CATS YAWNING by Randy Bonnom and Bill Higgins ©2008
Mornin! We're like two cats yawnin',
Stretched out from our hair down to our toes
Love how your skin glows in the mornin'.
Hey! Sleepy-time girl! Wake up, Honey, it's a big ol' world.
Sunrise is shinin' through my eyes, and I wanta show you a big surprise.
We've got plenty of nothin' to do, and I wanta do it all with you!
Don’t get dressed, just feel the flow;
It's a brand new day and anything goes.
Last night seems so far away, feels like it's always been this way.
Can't say how long it'll stay, but you and me, we can make it last all
Mornin'. Your smile brought the dawn in, and your breath
brought the breeze in through my door; Couldn’t ask for more from this mornin'.


SO FAR by Randy Bonnom ©2010
So far…when you look to that horizon
So far…when you look back.
So far…when it's one foot front of the other
How'd we ever get this far?
Time was...when you built those dreams with a hammer.
Time was...when you felt free.
Days the rush of wind and water
You choose...who you will be.
Then the dawn light shows the shadow of your decisions
And the moon light holds the breath of those you've loved.
The faces and the voices cry out from where you've left them
One lightning shock ago, one breath ago...yet
So far...we've never stopped dreamin' and dyin'
So far...we've always been reborn
One heart...that never will stop beating,
And the song of love it sings takes us so far.

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