Welcome to RandyBonnom.com

We all live out The Big Story, and each separate story is a song. We’re sung into existence, you and I. Our stories come to life when we finally sing along.

Long journeys at the speed of sound…that was my life, until lately. Landscapes changed from rail yards and back alleys to a peaceful little chapel in the foothills. Once lost in The Void, now my feet are on Mother Earth, and I’m home. Now my roads are run on a roan-colored pony with Big Muddy floatin’ tires slip-slidin’ along the curves that lead me straight to my destiny. If you’ve Time and mind, with no particular place to go, feel free to ride along in these songs. Could be we’re going the same way.

After all, my story’s like yours, different enough to be interesting, or why’d you be here? Maybe it was that saucy little tune you caught on the virtual breeze that wafted you this way. Maybe some unspoken vibe intercepted, a cellular codeword of your own.

Anyway, you’re here! Welcome. Let’s play!!



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